Swedish online entrepreneur buys NFTs from Artely

The Swedish online entrepreneur Markus Jalmerot is investing heavily and buying four artworks from Artely and Sweden’s first major NFT collection of established Swedish artists. Markus Jalmerot has founded several successful online companies and is also active in the crypto world, where his latest venture is Crypto Lists Ltd, a news and review site about […]

Interview with Artely’s founders – about experiencing art online

Pontus Silfverstolpe, one of the founders of Barnebys and former CEO of Lilla Bukoswkis, interviews Artely’s founders about their thoughts on experiencing and buying art online. A conversation about the ability to quickly adapt to a digital and ever-changing world and how they work to create the best customer experience. But also about how they managed to establish themselves in […]

2019 Bring It On

We bring interesting art to you, wherever you are, wherever you go, whenever you want, you will find us close to you, on your terms, we bring art to your home. Stop searching, discover Artely. Happy New Year dear followers, friends, customers, artists and partners. May 2019 give us all what we need most. Founders […]