SELL ART is Sweden’s leading sales and marketing platform online for original art and works through a partnership with established artists. Being a central marketplace for original art in Sweden, we make it easier for art buyers to both find and buy art.

We work continuously on presenting and marketing the art available on Artely through online marketing, art fairs and in the media, both in Sweden and internationally. It is completely free to join and exhibit art and presenting exhibitions on Artely. Contact us for more information about our conditions.

On top of being represented by, each artist is also given their own profile page. The page is very simple to use and administer, you put up the artwork that you want to sell and set prices. By exhibiting on Artely, you reach out to a wider audience and get access to convenient payment solutions with customised art transport directly to your customer.

Please contact us to find out more or you can apply directly here.

Contact us:
+46 70 770 81 74


You apply to exhibit and sell your art on Artely by submitting an application here. We choose to work exclusively with established artists, or artists whose works we think we can sell on Artely. We reserve the right to curate the art exhibited with us.

It is free to join and exhibit art on Contact us for more information about our conditions. Currently, the maximum price for each artwork is SEK 100 000. There is no requirement that the artwork exhibited on Artely cannot be simultaneously displayed or sold elsewhere. With one condition: if an artwork is sold not by Artely, it is prohibited to sell at a lower price than the price set on Artely. Artely reserves the right to suspend cooperation with an Artist who has broken this term. If the customer can prove that he/she can buy the same artwork for a lower price elsewhere, we also reserve the right to reduce the price to the same level. Full terms and conditions can be found in your profile under “Profile Information”.

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